Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka Dawn at Tea Factory Colorado, USA Monument valley Yellowstone NP, Wyoming, USA Grand Prismatic Moab, Utah, USA Antananarivo, Madagascar Zebus along the road Tokyo Japan Humour Audio Layer Sri Lanka Crossed look in the bus Meetiyagoda, Sri Lanka Moonstone miner San Quirico d'Orica Tuscany, Italia Bucovina, Romania Tractor headlights in a field Tuscany, Italia

Photography by passion

François Burgher

• More than 60 years since my first photographic steps…
• A regular and complete self-study
• A constant evolution of the technical quality of my cameras, from film to digital, from basic equipment to professional medium format
• From easy setting in automatic mode until the manual control of all the fundamental parameters of the shooting
• Eclectic approaches but with a constant: the attentive and profound sensitivity to the forms, the graphics, the play of light, the expressivity of the subjects …
• Learn to fix the visual emotions felt and develop the means to transmit them to who wishes to share it through images
• Base camp in Paris, city of birth, but playground with no geographical limit!



Le meilleur…. des meilleurs photos.

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CONFINEMENT in PARIS spring 2020

Activate the background music during the neighborhood if you wish https://www.francoisburgher.fr/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/DS-sonata-KK.-87-1.mp3 Click on an image if you want to enlarge the full-size…