Photography by passion

François Burgher

• More than 60 years since my first photographic steps…
• A regular and complete self-study
• A constant evolution of the technical quality of my cameras, from film to digital, from basic equipment to professional medium format
• From easy setting in automatic mode until the manual control of all the fundamental parameters of the shooting
• Eclectic approaches but with a constant: the attentive and profound sensitivity to the forms, the graphics, the play of light, the expressivity of the subjects …
• Pierre Soulage created the concept of Outre-noir for his paintings.
Very modestly, I adhere to the expression of ” Outre-Réalité ” that Jany Cotteron introduced to define my photographic approach.Making perceptible what is beyond appearance, revealing underlying dimensions and above all trying to make them shareable.
• Base camp in Paris, city of birth, but playground with no geographical limit!



Le meilleur…. des meilleurs photos.

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