Bali 2019

Island with a perfume of exoticism, delicacy, fervor, offerings and religious ceremonies … How your deep nature is evolving, your rice fields, your wild volcanic mountains, your small roads and your charming villages facing a mass tourism’s pressure that is accentuated again and again? Will vigilance and wisdom prevail to maintain the unique charm you have worldwide?

Multiple gods and goddesses in their “Sunday”

Masks to scare evil spirits

Flowers, flowers, more flowers …

Ubiquitous fervor permeating everyday life

Mangrove to preserve preciously!

Expressiveness of faces

Still a few unspoilt areas of nature: Plataran lodge, Bali Barat National Park

Design and craftsmanship: a specialty of Indonesia

Bonnet, religious veil or helmet: choose your protection!

Spices, Bali’s wealth. Here cloves

The famous Balinese cuisine with its local products

comfort and refinement of hotel trade

Traditional harvest of sea salt

If one day men would definitively abandon their gods …

Rice is growing almost everywhere in the island