L’histoire d’une rencontre : partage d’une sensibilité et d’une esthétique,

Agnès Yamakado au Design et François Burgher à l’Image développent, pour la Table SUBLI, une nouvelle collaboration.

Une technique de superpositions, au moment même de la prise de vue, pratiquement sans aucun travail de post production et des prises de vue à vitesse lente, génèrent une dimension nouvelle à réalité, fusion des graphismes et des surfaces, des lumières et des couleurs.


The eyes are both inner expression and vision.

“The eyes have one language everywhere”.

“One sees clearly only with the heart”.

“If I were to start my life over, I would not change it; only I would open my eyes a little wider”…


In spring, it is still slightly wet, the cloud ceiling may be low, the temperature is quite cold, but the light is already bright and the colors are well saturated… Marvelous wild nature revealing itself at every turn of the main road that runs around this island.

Modèle : Livre Photo Argentique A4 – Ouverture à plat – Date de création : 13 juil. 2019 – Pages : 70 – Prix hors promotion : 130,99€


Fourth trip to Tuscany farming in autumn 2018, and always the same visual emotion facing the lines of landscapes, the color of the land, the graphics of nature and its incredible lights, especially during “magical” hours early in the morning and at the end of the afternoon . All on an ancestral, peaceful and cultural background.

Strolling without constraints, out of time within two UNESCO selections, “World Heritages of Humanity” for this photographic trip exclusively ignoring the famous big cities of Florence, Siena, San Gimignano or Pisa … Only nature!

First the plains surrounding Pienza then, the Val d’Orcia…


American’s panorama

The United States of America offers some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. And I have already visited more than 85 countries!
Here, everything is immoderate, an immense geology book to flip through. Today was sublime and massive. How could tomorrow be so beautiful? And tomorrow, the same wonder with radically different concretions. So beautiful, as gorgeous as yesterday and if not more. Miles and miles on dirty graveled roads for more privacy with the reliefs. And always something else, just as big, just as brightly colored with ocres, grey, pink, yellow or red. Naked soil telling the intimate story of its movements, exposing its sedimentary or successive eruptive layers. Geyser, rivers, desert, canyons gorges… From surprises to surprises through Grand Canyon, Brice Canyon, Arches and Canyonland, Monument Valley, the Badlands, the Black Hills, Grand Teton, and, finally, the fireworks that is Yellowstone …


Discovery of Kiev before the political unrest of recent years. Still stamped with its Soviet past, this capital presents its architectural jewels in a powerful and colorful style.
It was so good to live the terraces of its cafes and visit the intimate of its  so many monuments …

Bouquin USA

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Colors of America

Color, one of the fundamental elements of photographic images. An incredible palette in the USA thanks to the diversity of geological formations. A varied climate which, according to the latitudes and the seasons, still emphasizes the magnificence of the landscapes. A unique cocktail in the world with, in addition, exceptional huge spaces that are still largely wild. A must for any colorist…

Japan shoes

Everything in Japan is special! Landscapes and culture, of course, but also fashion and especially shoes. Often highly specific models that would be difficult to find elsewhere in the world. Staying for the fourth time in Kyoto, I had more time to look down, to partially abandon the usual tourist wonders to look at the aesthetics of the shoes of people on the street. An original approach that pissed me off! What about you?


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