New trip to Malaysia, without any particular tourist objective, just letting go, over the days, occasions and meetings.

In Kuala Lumpur I was received by Grégoire who now resides in the capital. For the road journeys and the five days at Ipoh Selva my driver assisted me very friendly. Finally, for the last 11-day spot in Penang, I benefited from the close collaboration of “Mr Poh”, a native of the place …

An eclectic, multicultural Malaysia, caring and therefore quite easy to approach. Malaysians of origin rub shoulders with a large Chinese community with its Buddhist traditions, its cuisine and its sense of business, and a no less important Indian community with its spicy recipes and its colorful Hinduism.

The Muslim religion tends to harden a little over the years but remains fairly open, with people who are easily smiling.

Magnificent opportunities for sharing with different ethnic groups, merchants, artisans, fishermen, religious …

In this country, close to the equator, my stay took place during the monsoon season with its heavy skies and raw lights between the rains, which added to the authenticity of the local experience.

Colors, architecture, nature, faces … Abundant impressions whose image selection is intended to reflect, without too specific binding thread or desire of any tourist testimony.

A simple juxtaposition of powerful visual emotions to share!

Kuala Lumpur









Nature side








Historical dimension

Colonial buildings

Will royalty still survive the spurt of development for a long time?

Economical openings



Modernity and design












Polyethnic society and multiculturalism

































Traditional “wet” and “dry” markets







What if an artistic dimension could depend on the way of seeing what surrounds us?

































And, finally, a heart-to-heart sharing with three fishermen