Laos remains a country in the process of emergence, compared to its border neighbors which have a notable advance in development. Some poverty is still very present, especially in rural areas. This also allows you to share real authenticity, far from the clichés conveyed by the marketing of tour operators, on the fringes of the most renowned sites, invaded by tourists from all sides.

I present to you, only, a few flashes of scattered images, without geographical or cultural homogeneity, just for the general feeling and the photographic interest of the scenes and portraits collected around three spots: Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng and Vientiane.

By clicking on each image, you can, if you want, view the photo in full size.

Welcome to Laos

A country where religion and temples are still omnipresent …



The Mekong, interrupted by multiple dams, is hardly no more navigable, in Luang Prabang, than for smugglers, small fishing and tourist excursions.

Daily life still very traditional










Exploitation of teak wood

Nature and insects

Massive Chinese investment in transport and housing



Pour quelle population ?


I had the opportunity to meet and modestly support the three classes of a primary school in the direct vicinity of Vang Vieng where I stayed for several days. All the young pupils agreed to pose for a group photo gathered around their one teacher but also lent themselves to the production of a large series of individual portraits. The juxtaposition of all these little faces gives an interesting range of individual characters and personal situations that hide behind simple appearances …

Could we see it as a partial reflection of the evolution of this country? At least in this province?

By clicking on each image, you can view the photo in full size.

In addition to the portrait gallery, a 3-minute video montage shows the same faces in a crossfade against the background of a national anthem “sung” by the children … not yet ready for convincing vocal harmony ….

I highly recommend that you open the video in full screen mode by clicking at the bottom at the right corner of the clip start screen to fully enjoy the details of the faces.



In the country of the “million elephants” there are nowadays very few animals that were once a pillar of Laotian culture.

A representation of the Buddha for each day of the week, under the sacred tree named Bohdi …

And, to end this journey, the reclining Buddha, about to enter Nirvana