Gregory Crewdson (1962-) “An Eclipse of Moths”,

16 panoramic photos

TEMPLON Gallery, Paris, 2021


“…/… Meditation on the fragility of the world, failure, the need for redemption and the quest for transcendence…/…” says the press kit.

Extremely precise staging, very wide framing, fixed positions, costumes and postures of the characters, localized lighting sources, extreme attention to detail.

Sad atmosphere, feeling of immobility, impression of emptiness, world in decomposition…

This modest document wants to draw attention to this exhibition and, perhaps, contribute to the discovery of this contemporary American photographer for those who would not know him. I make the arbitrary and criticizable choice to report on details of the works that I find significant rather than presenting an overall view that is difficult to achieve because of the very large size of the works and the multiple reflections on the glass that protects them.

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Gregory CREWDSON Paris 2021