AIR France « La Première »

A truly exceptional experience



An opportunity to upgrade to the check-in counter for this professional trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and we pass, like “Alice in Wonderland”, on the other side of the mirror, in another dimension, a parallel universe, isolated from other travelers, in a private cabin space at the front of the 777. Just for my colleague and me this time, 4 seats for the two of us.

A space in space

An exclusively dedicated staff, specifically trained, with the best caring, extreme softness and refinement.

First, a dedicated check-in hall in a large space opening onto the hall of terminal 2 of CDG airport

High-priority customs formalities and access to a lounge on the ground for an “à la carte” breakfast in a large, cozy space … All  immediately cooked on site, on demand and served at table in the dining room …

Tempting windows, cozy rest areas, huge toilets, showers, Christmas decoration, a designer bar…




Boarding time has come. We are invited to join a big engine to travel the runways and drop us under the plane for direct and exclusive access through the left front door of the aircraft.

Installation on board, presentation of the cabin crew in charge of us. Champagne vintage ad libitum. Take-off, press available, presentation of the gastronomic menu and choice of the time of service at our convenience for the duration of the flight.


Then, like a fashion show, the dishes will follow one another at our own pace: caviar, foie gras, lobster to begin with… Meat or poultry, salad, the constituents of which are chosen assembled and seasoned according to everyone’s taste, as in a real stared establishment.



Appetizer then tasting of the great vintages offered by well known sommeliers to determine a personal choice while harmonizing with our dishes

All the dishes offered on the menu being available to guarantee each passenger all the choices without restriction, it will be possible for me to taste all the preparations, including those not selected as my main choice.





The cheese board is presented at ambiant temperature with the wines likely to accompany it from the start of the meal to exhale the aromas and allow the textures to refine.

Without forgetting the delicacy of the desserts…


Then, the hours turning, the magic will again operate with the preparation of the rest time to pleasantly cut the 11 hours of the flight.

As we are, on this trip the only two passengers in this class, we will be able to benefit, in addition to our “cruise seats”, to use the two other vacant side spaces as an additional and specific sleeping area, along 4 contiguous windows.


It needs, at least, two people to bring the mattresses and pillows, unfold the large duvets and prepare a real bed!

The cocoon will be able to close with large floor-ceiling draperies isolating us from each of the aisle.

Put on our pajamas and take a long rest in peace, at the front of the plane, far from the wings and above all from the engines…

Sweet awakening after 5.30 am of deep sleep …

To serve one last snack … before landing in Guarulhos.

The dream ends … We will descend back to earth, for once with regret …

But there will remain the pleasure to be renewed during the return flight !!!!!