CONFINEMENT in PARIS spring 2020

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The SARS-Cov-2 epidemic led to a decision to strictly contain the entire French population for 8 weeks.

It all starts with a sunrise captured from my kitchen window on the cityscape of the eastern suburbs of Paris.







“My” fig tree on the terrace

A banana peel encountered while going to do some authorized food shopping locally.


The same, modestly reworked, in the style of Andy Warhol!


Nature takes back its place in the “deserted” city


Reflections on hoods of parked car


Variations for a rainy day







Windows of closed shops



Street Art Rue des Cascades Paris 20th, original version

Artist: HOXXOH

My dramatazed version,

due to the dark circumstances

Revisiting interior spaces: seat for listening to music



Milanese mirror in my study




Piperonia (Pilea peperomioides) on the kitchen worktop

New vision of food: Corsican grapefruit

Decorative elements in the kitchen










Physical distance and learning to be patient




A little lightness… down trapped between two bars of the balcony railing

Magic of the sunset in the axis of the living room window