LEONARDO DA VINCI au Musée du Louvre de Paris

An impressive exhibition is underway at the Louvre Museum in Paris. An international impact, almost sold out, a human tide …

Here are just a few very focused “shards”!

Christ and Saint Thomas by Andrea del Verrocchio of which Leonardo was the pupil.

He saw in it the “Idea that space and form are generated by light”. “Expression of drama by chiaroscuro – the play of light and shadow. “







Mastery and freedom, numerous “composition studies” preceding the “final” work










Draperies are part of the quintessence of LdeV’s art. In particular that known as “Saint Mory”.

Reliefs “covered with cloths impregnated with clay” to capture “spatial matter” served as a model.

The exhibition presents an experimental reconstruction of the relief by Leticia Lerratti (2019)




Studies and portraits: pen, ink, wash, red chalk, silver point and, much more rarely painting …










Saint John the Baptist (the last work of the master in 1519) is “depicted as a man of an ideal beauty who still has something of the purity of youth”

Infrared reflectogram shows the “extraordinary finesse of the preparatory drawing”





Did you know?

“Leonardo produced only about fifteen paintings in all. This was not, as has often been suggested, because he was only interested in the original idea or conception, but on the contrary because, in his view, the science of painting found its truest expression in the infinitely extended process of execution.”

Download the complet text booklet online at Louvre.fr