Arles-2019 : “Rencontre de la Photographie” International photographic meeting

More than 250 exhibitions in OFF essential complement to embrace more broadly the new creative tendencies.

Meetings with professionals photographers, gallery owners and publishers …

My testimony of this major international event combines in a first part the reproduction of some exposed photos that have deeply marked me to, in a second part, my own photographic achievements inspired by the atmosphere of this festival.

Your comments are always welcome without being “mandatory”!

Happy “reading” to all.

Aseptized ambiance in North Korea

“Patriotic” events in North Korea






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Provocative images of a Chinese artist to raise awareness of the still too taboo issue of sexuality in his country

And, finally, my personal images inspired by the atmosphere of the town during the festival

One of the exhibition sites: the old workshops of the SNCF (the French railways)

Animation of artists in one of the city squares

A festival poster serving tablecloths in a restaurant