Shearing of ewes in Haute Loire 2020

A new experience out of the ordinary: to be welcomed at the farm by the Besse family and the shearers’ team who shared their know-how and hard work, one day shearing ewes in the hamlet of Maméas Haut, in Haute Loire.

The shed, filled by the noise and the animation of men and women, each at his post, and that of the ewes and the dogs, all living the intense tension of the moment. Tools so well run in, gestures so precise, so fast, so impeccably efficient, but so gentle and so respectful of the animals. Wool that falls in less than two minutes, in one piece, which is piled up again and again. The ewes gathered behind the barriers, those to be passed and those already sheared. What a collective synergy so perfectly orchestrated, almost without words. And finally this human intensity during the meal shared around the large table in the modern farm’s kitchen.

May these images be a gift of thanks and reciprocity for these moments of life shared in all authenticity!