Sarah Moon, Exhibition in Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris, October 2020


” It is both to approach and escape from reality that I instinctively looked through the lens of a camera.

There is nothing reasoned in my approach. I know only the incessant quest. I do not testify to anything, I put myself in tune with the passage of time and this adventure with reality, the photo finally taken makes a fiction exist at the same time as it reveals it to me.

I photograph the privilege, the improbable, the chimera, the evanescence

I invent a story that doesn’t exist, I create a place or erase another, I move the light, I derealize and I try…”


I freely was allowed to take a few pictures throughout the exhibition, trying to capture part of the works presented and the impressions they gave me off.

Humble testimony for virtual sharing.

Good visit!

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SARAH MOOM EXPO 2020 10 PARIS (optimisé)